About The IOTAfaucet Project

FAUCET STATUS: Stopped for Maintenance

This is an experimental project aiming to develop a faucet for free iotas distribution, in order to allow more people to get acquainted with IOTA and the Tangle tecnology.

At this initial stage, each user will receive 1 Kiota... do you know what a Kiota is? Check here:

We expect that with this initiative a larger number of developers and projects working on IOTA proofs of concept will be benefited and feel more encouraged.

How to participate

Each person is supposed to make one single request per day, please. The distribution is still manually managed, and it would be humanly impossible to attend a huge number of requests at once.

To receive your iotas, simply fill the Request Form, providing us with the required information.

After successfully submitting the request form, you will receive an e-mail message with further instructions.

The whole procedure is slightly bureaucratic (sorry), but it will be improved. For now, let's accept this as some kind of "human PoW" ;)

The requests are manually processed once every 24 hours (eventually there can be exceptions to this rule).

It shouldn't be necessary to say that abuses will not be tolerated. The faucet can (and will), at our own discretion, reprove any requests that we believe to be abusive (so, please, do not spam - if there are too many abuses we will be forced to shut down this service).

If you want it, the website or blog of your project can even be added to our IOTA Projects list!


If you're a merchant, and you accept IOTA in your business, you can also be added to the "IOTA Merchants" list in this site. Just send us a request and add a IOTA logo to your website (like the following):